Top 5 guilt-free cheese recipes


Cheese is one of those ingredients that I absolutely love to cook with – there’s never a shortage of things you can make and it instantly adds a punch of flavour to whatever you’re making. The trouble is, it’s usually not a guilt-free option.

That’s where Mainland Noble comes in. Unlike most cheese, Noble is a cheese you can actually feel good about eating. With 30% less fat than Tasty (even less than Edam) and all that delicious Tasty flavour, you can rest-assured that Mainland Noble is a better-for-you option. Seven years of hard work went into creating this special cheese and now it’s here for Kiwis to enjoy at home. And trust me, you’ll enjoy it – it tastes amazing!

While it’s so good you’ll want to simply eat it by the slice, make sure you save some for your cooking. Here are my five favourite recipes that have been made better-for-you thanks to Mainland Noble to get you inspired…


1. Fried Mac n’ Cauliflower Cheese

If you’re looking for a cheesy treat you can’t look past this delicious recipe for fried mac n’ cauliflower cheese. Seriously, how good does this look? But the best part is this fried treat is better for you than you might think! Combining the full flavour of Mainland Noble with quinoa pasta and cauliflower in a delicious sauce, coated in a crunchy quinoa and almond meal crust, this recipe ticks all the right boxes.


2. Cheese Taco Shell

Tacos are all the rage at the moment and now thanks to this clever recipe for cheese taco shells you enjoy tacos for tea without needing to sprint to the supermarket. Made entirely from Mainland Noble, these homemade taco shells are healthier than traditional taco shells but just as crunchy. Yum! These are sure to become a family favourite in no time.


3. Guilt-free Crunchy Cheese Twists

Not only are these crunchy cheese-twists super quick to make but you only need five ingredients – and they’re all things you’re likely to already have in the cupboard. These moorish cheese-twists are perfect for popping into the kids’ lunchboxes or enjoying as a tasty pre-dinner snack with your favourite dips – and thanks to Mainland Noble you don’t need to feel guilty about enjoying them.


4. Cheese and Caramelised Onion Pinwheel Scones

These cheesy pinwheel scones are absolutely loaded with flavour, with cheese packed into the dough, filling and topping – luckily Mainland Noble has 30% less fat than tasty, so you don’t need to feel bad for eating a couple at lunchtime. The beautiful flavours of the cheese work perfectly with the rich caramelised onions, combining to create some pretty special scones you’ll want to make again and again.


5. Guilt-free Crustless Pizza

This clever crustless pizza recipe is perfect for those nights when you want a simple, throw-together dinner that’s guaranteed to please even the fussiest eater. Simply use some mince as a base and top with your favourite pizza toppings (or whatever’s in your pantry) and you’re all set. Not only is this recipe low-carb and low –fat, but there’s no pizza dough to feel guilty about – win!

This post was made possible with thanks to Mainland


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