The Vertical Garden Project


Since we moved into our current house back in October, Kevin and I have had plans to set up a beautiful vertical garden on the back fence. It’s the perfect spot – our bedroom windows look straight out onto it, and it’s sunny there all day long.

But it took us awhile to decide what kind of vertical garden we wanted – there are just so many options! Pallet gardens, terracotta pot gardens, climbing gardens, stacked tubs… just search ‘vertical gardens’ in Pinterest and you’ll get an idea of what we were up against.

But then we spotted Woolly Pockets on a DIY show and instantly fell in love with the concept – the pockets themselves are sturdy and subtle, and eventually (providing you pick the right plants) will become hidden in a forest of plants. There was only one problem – the price!

Fact: woolly pockets are expensive, and with a wedding on the horizon there was no way we could justify the cost. But the gods must have heard us, and just a few weeks after falling in love with the pocket gardens similar ones came up on Onceit for a fraction of the price… so we pounced, and managed to buy three for less than half the cost of an official Woolly Pocket.

PSST – after a bit of hunting I found Hanging Gardens – a NZ company that sells really similar pocket gardens at a really decent price. We’ll be going to them for more… providing we don’t kill what’s in these ones!

But it wasn’t until last weekend that we finally had time to set our vertical garden up. After a quick trip to the garden centre to pick up the plants and potting mix we got down and dirty in the garden, carefully hanging, filling and planting each of our pockets.

After much deliberation about what we would plant, we decided to go for a range of plants and just wait and see what would work, and what wouldn’t. With that in mind, here’s what we planted – garden gurus, don’t judge too much!

Left, top-bottom: Chillis, lettuce, snow peas & capsicums.
Middle: Dwarf dahlias – four pockets of them!
Right, top-bottom: Basil, rosemary, coriander & mint.




So far, the garden is thriving – the snow peas and lettuce, which looked decidedly bedraggled when we planted them, are looking healthy and fabulous; the mint is growing all over the place; and the basil is already climbing high above the fence. I absolutely cannot wait to be able to make or bake something with the herbs and veggies from our little vertical garden – stay tuned, savoury baking coming soon!


  • Amanda @ MoveLoveEat

    What a brilliant idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of space, we could prob even get away with a couple in the courtyard of our apartment block! Looking forward to hearing about what works well in the pockets :)