The ultimate cat birthday

Fancy Feast_Cat birthday_1

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you probably already know this: I am a very (very) proud cat mum. Like all good cat parents that means two things – that our ginger fur-babies, Hunter and Sybil, are quite simply the coolest cats on the block and that I love each and every one of their little quirks and details.

While I can hardly believe it, these furry twins just turned two – and obviously that’s something to celebrate! As rescue kittens we don’t know exactly when they were born, so always make a big fuss of them on the day they officially joined the family – that means a whole heap of cat-ty fun.

When we celebrated their first birthday last year I came across this awesome ‘catland’ idea and knew that we absolutely had to make it part of our cats’ annual birthday festivities. Seriously, why choose just one toy when you can let them have everything – and I mean everything!

This year’s cat playland featured every one of Hunter and Sybil’s favourite things: a blanket, ribbon and scrunched up paper ball, Christmas ornaments, hair ties and an old phone cable (encouraging bad behaviour, I know!), their favourite play tunnel and – of course – the perfectly sized cardboard box. And the cats absolutely lost it with excitement.

Fancy Feast_Cat birthday_2

With both cats exhausted, it was time to move on to part two of the celebrations – the food! Food is a big part of all birthday celebrations, so making sure you have the right things on the menu is key.

Maybe salmon, spinach, courgette and green beans? Or how about chicken with pasta pearls and spinach? Luckily you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to pull together such a fabulously gourmet meal – Fancy Feast has got it covered.

We whip up a little cat birthday ‘cake’ for Hunter and Sybil each year using their favourite Fancy Feast flavours – for Hunter that means beef is on the menu, while Sybil’s more of a chicken girl.

It’s super simple (and way less gross!) than it sounds – just pop over a can or pouch of Fancy Feast (they’re single serve, so you won’t have open cat food lingering in your fridge) on a nice dish and top it with a little extra treat you know your fur-baby loves: think cream cheese, grated cheese or their favourite cat treats.

Oh, and a candle of course!

Fancy Feast_Cat birthday_3

Hunter and Sybil’s birthday is officially done and dusted for another year, but they won’t be longing for the next one to roll around too quickly – they can relive the magic of their purr-fect birthday every evening with Fancy Feast. After all, we all enjoy eating well, so why shouldn’t your fur-baby – love is in the details.


Fancy Feast_Cat birthday_WIN

Hands up if your cat’s mad about running water?

Thanks to the lovely team at Fancy Feast I have a cat water fountain to give away to two lucky readers – plus we’ll pop in a replacement filter with each one too, so your cat’s all set for the next six or so months.

To be in to win, simply leave a comment below telling me how you show your cat how much you love them. Let your inner ‘besotted cat parent’ out – it’s something we all have in common!

This post (and Hunter and Sybil’s second birthday celebrations) was made possible thanks to Fancy Feast. All comments and photos are, and always will be, my own.

Entries close 11.59pm Thursday 21 July. The winners will be chosen at random and notified on Friday 22 July. Each winner must make contact within 3 business days or they’ll forfeit the prize and a new winner will be drawn. Sorry – this giveaway is only open to New Zealand residents.

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  • Jessica O’Sullivan

    My cat Monty gets lots of love including thai massage belly pats, temptations treats and kisses

  • Jessica O’Sullivan


  • Katherine Wright

    Our fur babies love getting their little meat pouches in the morning for their daily treats, Snoop lets me know if I am running late be being my own personal alarm clock purring and dribbling all over my face each morning

  • Steve McConchie

    Mr Soots simply gets whatever he wants! He says old cats – he is 19 going on 20 – are allowed whatever, and he shouts if he doesn’t get it!!

  • An Bo

    Our wonderful fuzzy buddy Rodney Dangermouse loves to be pampered after a hard day of lazing around and messing up my neatly folded laundry. After his dinner he hogs the entire length of our hearth and I scratch in between his toes until he does what we call a dolly-roll, a big stretchy roll over we named after his even lazier but completely adorable mama and then I scratch all over his head and under his chin, he loves it. It’s relaxing for me and nice time to spend together. He’s been a wonderful companion to us for 10 years.

  • Sandra Welsh

    I have 2 British Shorthairs – Garfield (who is Red) and a wee bit overweight from being spoilt with good food, and Eddie (who is blue). Eddie has been sick – spent over $2000 at the vet and he will now need low dose chemotherapy for the rest of his life (he is 9), which means every 3 weeks a visit to the vet for 4 days in a row. There was no question of cost etc as I would do anything for my cats.

  • Karen McConchie

    Our old man is 19 and a half and is a great companion, baby and friend. He has a thyroid pill and blood pressure pill each day which he eats in a little ball of mince. He certainly let’s us know what he wants by being vocal until he gets it. He loves cuddles, face scratches and sitting on knees. He also loves running water so would adore a water fountain!

  • Jennifer Pettitt

    Our newest addition to our fur baby family Dex is a joy and bright spark who entertains everyone with his attempt ar tricks, being the centre of attention and demanding attention by sitting on your book or electronic devic if you dare to ignore him. He is so loveable and a bundle of mischief, always looking of ways to outsmart our 20year old veteran cat. Love it when he tries to blend with couch covers so he can do a surprise pounce

  • nessliddell

    Firstly, a big happy birthday to Hunter and Sybil. :) Well we have 7 x cats and they are pretty much all rescue cats. How do we show them love. Well one gets hot water bottles to sleep on at night and the other 6 all sleep with us. They absolutely adore water and the two youngest have taken to dipping their paws in the water bowl and then kind of licking the water off their paws. We have thousands of photos of them all, and they completely RULE our house. :) Ness

  • Rebecca Taylor

    What super spoilt kittys you have. I know Matilda is jealous.

    Love my fur baby Matilda. She’s a wee cuddle munchkin, we got her from cats protection league as love helping them out and we later found out she’s pure breed Russian blue so she’s a tiny frame and just so dainty. Took a bit for her to warm up to the dog and the other cat we got later and she’s good now so noisy.

    When I was unwell we’d spend days on end curled up together with her in my arm it was reassuring to know she was always there waits at driveway for me to come home like a wee puppy and always curled up beside me.


  • Rebecca Taylor

    And Maurice he’s a big softy too! Was found as a stray and living in the wild but makes the best pet now he can still demolish off birds whole when he catches them but he’s a wee porker and very slow and not stealth so it’s good he can’t get any.
    He loves his food so equally love a birthday celebration

  • Karen Mabey

    Our cat gets lots of love. Dusty gets cuddles & pats from everyone one in the family & gets fed on time (very important to her). :)

  • Maria

    My dear Skye is well loved by our family. She’s a rescue tabby cat. We dote on her as she’s our first and only pet and she’s just so sweet. We give her lots of cuddles and makes sure we play with her everyday. Happy birthday to your fur babies!

  • Liz Foster

    My old girl (15) has the softest down duvet covered with a mink blanket on our extra wide windowsill (bay window)… It might be better quality and softer than our kids bedding…

  • Melissa Joblin

    I get up all hours of the day & night to turn the tap on for my girl Gem to drink from as she’s gone off drinking out of her usual water bowl. It’s like having a human baby – am one tired cat mama…

    • Kirsten Robinson

      Hi Melissa, hopefully you’ll soon be getting a bit more sleep because you and Gem have won your very own cat fountain! Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from me shortly. Congratulations!

  • Amanda Lee Pates

    My cat minion was from a litter brought into a place I use to work. She was very behind in development and wasn’t doing to well. I opted to take her home and give her a chance to catch up and she blossomed.. 6 or so months old she started having seizures almost everyday sometimes more then once a day.. a lot of vet visits and my life savings later she is 1.5 years old and got diagnosed epileptic aswell as mild dwarfism. She can be a little slow and silly often snorting her water when she drinks so I think this would be perfect to assist her and make things a little easier!! I show her how much I love her every day when she gets meds every 12 hours without fail. Spending almost 5 grand and pretty much putting her before myself since losing my job and making sure she has everything she needs. Even after leaving me in debt i would do it again 10 times over

  • Heather

    My young man Jaffa would lose his little mind over one of these fountains!! We have a water bowl for him (yet to see him use it) because, you see, us humans live at hos beck and call. He will go and sit on the handbasin and meow until we realise he’s there. I turn the tap on and wait while he fills his boots to shut it off again. He is spoilt! But in return Im allowed to cuddle him and admire his glorious tummy fluff – he is very proud. Please please please send one this way!! It would make it better for him and I both!

  • Jessica Jones

    We have 2 kittens Harry and Charlie. Both are rescue kittens who are 8 months apart. The vet said he knew they were going to a good home when we came in and spent $700 on them in one go! Very spoiled kittens!

  • Shelley Cole

    Love my beautiful babies, they are family!! They pretty much run the place…but I’m okay with that! I couldn’t imagine a world without Raspberry kisses, love bites, chin ups on the ranch slider (cause I wanna come in mum!!!) Feeling the soft fur (and occasional claw) in my arms at night. Or the absolute pure love you feel when your black panther is flat out on her back on your lap with purrs on full volume and runs her claws through my hair <3 my Saffy Cloudy and Triggs xxx

  • Cathy Bunyan

    This is the cutest post ever! I have so enjoyed seeing all of these adored fur babies <3 Marshmallow and Myrtle are our fur babies, and I cried when we got them in May (my sister had been raising them in another city since they were born in late January until we could receive them) :') to show them we love them our family (3 kiddies included) give them loads of cuddles, space when they need it, fresh meat, sleeps on the master bed (shh don't tell the kids) and so much more! I can hardly remember life without them now!

    • Kirsten Robinson

      Hi Cathy, Congratulations – you’re one of our winners, so Marshmallow and Mrytle will soon have a water fountain to add to their list of little luxuries. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from me shortly :)

      • Cathy Bunyan

        Hi Kirsten,

        Oh my gosh, thank you so much! How exciting to be able to give Marshmallow and Myrtle a gift – they are just going to love it.

        I’m so pleased to have come across High Tea with Dragons, it will surely be a blog I’ll return to time and again for the refreshing and kind posts. Who could resist?

        Thank you again! <3

  • Emily

    Cute!! I love spoiling my kitties on their birthdays, always have little treats and something special to celebrate the day

  • Lilli Viner-Benge

    Ive given My fur baby( biggie smalls) 3 of my dressing gowns for her personal sleeping quaters which has officially become one of the couches in my living room.its HER couch now. RIP couch,RIP dressing gowns,RIP personal space bubble.

  • Kathryn Stokes

    Argh, my big fluffy black boy Mufasa basically has complete run of the house! The vet insists he’s not fat, he’s just a big 7kg meow. Has complete ownership of the bed, I fit around him and he’s so lax that nothing phases him including thunderstorms. He has his 6pm fixed feeding time (I hear about it if it’s late) and treats in the morning for distraction. And so many toys… I swear I’m not a crazy cat lady, but I wouldn’t be without the fluffy slug :)

  • Samantha Brown

    We let all FOUR of our cats hog the heater on a cold winter night when we could definitely be using some heat ourselves!

  • Jennifer

    My cat Byrdie was a stray who we saved from a very tall tree when she was a tiny kitten (hence her name, thanks to her loud, persistent meowing that let us know she was up there for 2 days).

    She’s now a lovely older cat who is still convinced she’s a kitten.

    We show her we love her by letting her sniff and roll in our smelly shoes, kissing her head and by laughing at her as she drinks out of her water bowl while sticking her paws in it, getting water everywhere.

    I think the water fountain would be right up her alley because she loves getting water everywhere for fun and has taught our other cat how to do it, too!

    Here’s a pic of her keeping fashionably warm!



  • Melissa Yerkovich

    I have a birthday party for mine to celebrate with a cake made based on things he loves which is seafood he is a now well looked after and loved stray he has had a few medical probs but i have always got him the care he needs he is my baby he has had a professional photos shoot as a family and on his own i have thousands of photos of him and my whole life revolves around his needs i dont go away now as i dont have a sitter on hand now and i wont put him in a catery i love my baby and i am here to look after his fussy trates he would love this water fountain as he does not like still stagment water out for long so i always have to tip out and replace all the time that is his birthday cake below and his birthday bandana his name is sonson

  • Kasey Amber Johnston

    Mojo-Tojo has a very special Birthday coming up! He’s going to be 15 in Human years which is a massive 76 in Cat years! We spoil him rotten as we’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old! He’s got a few dog characteristics about him, We let him drink out of cups, bowls, Taps and we had to be meanies and stop him drinking out of the toilet! We also have Tiger-Lily who we rescued from being euthanized at 18 months old, She’s now a feisty 13 this year which is 68 in Cat years! She gets whatever she wants,

    They both take half of my double bed, They both love water and Tiger-Lily loves sitting in the bottom of the shower during our showers!

    They truly are my Furbabies and I’m blessed to be their Hooman

  • Rosie Harris

    I show my cat how much I love him by giving him cuddles ALL the time!

  • Kirsten Wong

    Ralphy loves to lie in bed when I do and he gets comfortable in the most random places whether thats lying across my chest/neck like a furry scarf, between my feet or on my belly. I don’t mind the discomfort all the time because he looks so adorable and warm!

  • Alice Perry

    My friend’s cat Sammi deserves to be spoilt. She lost her best friend to an illness recently and has really missed him and this has been made worse as the vet has put her on a diet! So Sammi really deserves to be spoilt with some fresh, calorie-free, fancy water!

  • Tiana Jade Howe

    My little lady Muftiee is the last of what was our trio (hopefully her siblings are enjoy lazing in the clouds in kitty heaven!) and our bond is heart warming. Since I’ve been at university in another city, whenever I have been home visiting she has slept in bed under the sheets with me every night and hasn’t missed a night yet. She is a huge lover of running water and only drinks from a tap – ever since a kitten! So this competition would be lovely for both her and my mum’s water bill (haha!). This one eats kitty treats on the regular like the little miss she is as ordinary car biscuits aren’t good enough for her, so to properly treat her she enjoys licking the remains of a custards/yoghurty dessert, and having some play time with cotton buds aka her favourite toy (is it the shape? The fluffy cotton?? Who knows!).

  • Catherine Clarkson

    Just adopted two new fur babies after losing my 17 year old. At the moment they are getting loads of love from play as they get such enjoyment from it.

  • Helen Janes

    Love my kitty so much, my neighbour fostered his litter and when we visited one little tabby cat jumped on me straight away, them later climbed up to the bun on my head and attacked it and the fell asleep in my hoodie. Of course I adopted him and he has been hopelessly devoted to me ever since. I have never know so much love from any other cat and call him my one true love.

  • ck smith

    yeti would love a water fountain, she gets lots of love cuddles me all night warm and snug in my bed, has lots of toys to play with and has the same tunnel in your photo. She also loves going for walks to the beach with us and the dog and goes daily, she get her fav foods chicken or Fancy Feast for meals daily and a few bickies for treat when out walkinh.. her fav treat is a trip in the car, she just loves being out and about and seeing the world

  • Sharleen Calteaux-Brown

    Our two black N White furries definitely rule the bed.. Hubby and I both wake up to

  • Mel Adams

    River and Rain are completely spoiled. The get first choice of the bed, first choice of the couch. They have a huge tower in the middle of our lounge. They have a box of newspaper in the hallway. Tunnels. Mice. Balls. No toy is too much. They follow us everywhere, even into the bathroom. They are fed only the best food and get treats several times a day. They are members of our family.

  • Lee Jonasen

    I love my cats. I have had many cats that have lived over the age of 20. At present i had a brother and sister aged 11 but we have just moved house and my boy cat (smokey) has not come back home. Hopefully hes gone back home. But in the mean time a stray black and white cat has moved in. With the bad weather we are having i couldnt put her outside, she has come along way with our family and now is sleeping on our beds with our other girl cat. I love listening to there purrs as this shows me ive done right..

  • Annalie Brown

    I’m a complete sook. So much so that two of my three cats are “foster fails” – that is I was supposed to return them to the SPCA and couldn’t part with them! My favourite thing is getting them to cuddle up under the duvet on a cold winter night to keep them warm. I’ve even given up wearing one of my fave fleecy jackets because they all love it so much that it’s their fave sleeping spot now – hear the purrs when they get on it and pad away!!!

  • Bex Pryor

    i love my 2 fur babies timmy(16) and rascal(12) both are loved by everyone in our house they sleep any were they like always have food and drink down get medication on time (not that they always like that but gota have it)and taken to the vet if and when needed i cant imagine my life with out them

  • Shannon Avery

    met my baby king ginger george he is the light of my life :) i found him as a sick wee baby full of the cat flu under my mother in laws house it was love at first sight i took him home and brought him back to health for 9yrs he has been my everything no day is ever a bad one when i get to come home to this guy to some peoplep he may just be a cat but to me he is and always be my fur baby a part of my family he rules our home his castle and its the way it will always be my reason i wake up to a smile on my face every day :)

  • Kerry-Lee Charlton

    I often sit on the floor in my house because the cats have taken all the chairs and Im too soft to move them.

  • Erica Warmington

    Gus would love this prize. He’s very interested in the tap running, but is too afraid to drink from the running water. A fountain might be less intimidating.

  • Ashley-Marie Hunter Davey

    sadly i dont currently have my own cats but Ive been catsitting for my neighbour and Im absolutely in love with her two cats. they love to play and go absolutely crazy over running water. i had great fun turning on the bathroom tap and watching them appear to play in less than 30 seconds.

  • Charissa Ardron

    To help our guys acclimatise to having a new baby in the house (the first human to permanently move in besides us in their lifetime and we have very skittish guys normally) we have a number of bags of cat treats (including 3 or 4 big bags) to help them when they’re really good.

    We also spend a small fortune on cat food as 3 are on Hills Vet Food which means we go through a $70 bag every 3 weeks. Because we have one whom isn’t on it we buy her premium biscuits so that she doesn’t get left out.

    We give them special treats (not normal cat treats) whenever we can as they are such sweet animals when they want to be. They’re also being spoilt more than normal at the moment not just because of the baby but because we’ve ended up spending 7 of the last 8 days in hospital so they have had little time with us (we were back for one day before going back in). Cuddles are a big thing at the moment.

  • Vickie Senior

    Thank you for making this birthday celebration possible for all us cat nerds. 2 days ago we got one of the most horrible phone calls possible… A work man found our boy Jack dead at the side of the road … He was only just over 1 year old… We miss him so much and his brother from another mother Abraham keeps calling out for him …. To win a gift such as this would not only make his day, but ours too. I have friends telling me that when they die they want to come back as one of my cats as they are treated like royalty. I never adopt a cat … I open my home up to a new member of the family. Jack was a beautiful big boy with such a gentle soul … Abraham seems lost … he keeps calling out for Jack and it makes the days so hard. Once we move house as we are selling … we will consider a new brother for Abraham but until then Jack has left his mark on our hearts ….

  • Adele Rhead

    I cant even tell u, my cats r like little humans. Its not just my cats i come across stray cats and rescue cats there just drawn to me!! I ended up with 7 wild kittens last year (that my dog finds!!) In the woods so of course i have to accept them as one of my own. Id do anything for not just my cats but anyones cat! ❤❤❤❤

  • Merenia Wright

    I sometimes find it hard to describe how much I love our two cats. They really are our fur babies. Always putting a smile on our faces, and each (Miso and Mr. Businessman) have their own funny quirks and personalities. They are super snuggly and always give me head ‘boops’ in the morning to say hi. I would do anything for them, they really are part of the family.

  • Kris van de Water

    Our two are inside cats as the neighbourhood is not good. They get the best food (probably costs more than ours), a massive amount of toys, several scratching posts, a dozen beds.
    SPOILT. Oh and I have one that prefers to drink out of the tap so I am up and down all the time turning the tap on and off. Been looking at fountains in the hope he catches the bug for that instead of tap.