The Festive Spirit

Living in a country where Halloween isn’t a big deal and Thanksgiving only exists for Amerikiwis, I like to get Christmas started nice and early. This doesn’t mean we throw up a fully dressed tree in October, but Christmas projects are well and truly underway, lists have been drawn up and plans are beginning to take shape.

While I know the thought of Christmas being on the mind in October (yes, more than two months out from “the big day”) will make some people feel ill, I’m pleased to report I’m not alone in my pre-Christmas love affair. Several good friends are also pinning up a Christmassy storm on Pinterest, organising gifts and making some pretty awesome crafts in preparation for December.

And when you really think about it, getting your Christmas crafting out of the way before December is a totally clever idea. December is such a busy month, packed full of end of year drinks, dinners, catch-ups, excursions, traditions and holiday planning – why not be organised and take at least one thing of your plate come the busiest month of the year?

With this in mind, I wanted to share a couple of awesome projects I’ve found to help you get in the pre-Christmas-crafting spirit!

1. Water-less Snow Globes from Whipperberry
Most people seem to be in love with mason jars nowadays, so what better way to tie them in to your Christmas preparation than by making your own snow globes! Inspired by the gorgeous ones stocked by Anthropologie, you only need a jar, faux snow, a tree (or cute woodland animal) and some glue to make these yourself. I can just picture a collection of these perched atop our coffee table come December.

2. Glittered Snow Flake Ornaments from Under the Table and Dreaming
I know snow doesn’t feature in New Zealand Christmases, but that doesn’t mean the tree can’t be adorned in glittered wintery decorations. I love the look of these ones – you can’t tell they’re made from hot glue! The tutorial uses Mod Podge to stick the glitter to the cooled hot glue bases, but knowing how expensive that is over here I think I’ll be using standard clear-drying craft glue.

3. Gingerbread Garland from Techno Mouse
While the website is in Russian so I can’t actually deduce what they’re saying, I love the idea of making a gingerbread garland to string up this December. Just cut slits for ribbon to be threaded through before baking the cookies, then decorate and thread! Just imagine how good a couple of garlands would make your house smell…

What Christmas crafts do you guys currently have underway? Or what are you planning to make this year?


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