Have you ever noticed that there are some flavours that are absolutely made to for each other? Think raspberry and white chocolate, vanilla and lemon, or mint and dark chocolate – no matter how to combine them, you’re almost guaranteed to come up with something amazing.

Brown sugar and cinnamon is another one of those ‘dream team’ combinations – but one you see a little less often than the rest. It might have something to do with cinnamon having a strong association with Christmas around here (or is that just me)… regardless, it’s a flavour combination worth celebrating!

So this afternoon I celebrated by making a batch of Snickerdoodles – a simple biscuit that brings the two flavours together beautifully. Not sure what a Snickerdoodle is? It’s a basic American biscuit that uses brown sugar and cinnamon as its ‘hero’ flavours. Simple to make, delicious to eat and full of flavour, they’re one American tradition well worth adopting!

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