Salted caramel buttercream


Some people celebrate life events with champagne, but around here we celebrate with cake. For each of our big life moment celebrations there was a special cake perched on a stand somewhere just waiting to be enjoyed – like this ombré rose cake for our engagement, and of course, our fabulous wedding cake.

So when it came to marking the milestone of buying our first home, a cake was at the top of the list of things to organise for our house warming. As I unpacked my baking supplies last week my mind was abuzz with ideas of what to make – what size, how many layers, what flavours, and (of course) how to decorate it.

After realising just how little free time we had ahead of having friends over on Saturday, I decided to keep it simple and layer together a couple of chocolate cakes. The interesting part came with the icing – my favourite vanilla bean buttercream went out the window in favour of a beautifully creamy salted caramel buttercream which was used both as a filling and a topping. Yum.

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