Mid-winter Christmas Cookie Swap


I absolutely love blogging – the brainstorming, baking, photographing, writing, planning… everything! I especially love getting to know some of my lovely readers and blogging buddies through their comments, emails, Facebook comments and tweets – it’s a whole lot of fun!

The one downside of blogging is that a lot of the time your online blog friends are just that – online. Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when Lydia from Lydia Bakes invited me to the cookie swap she was planning – a group of bloggers catching up over cookies and tea, swapping cookies and taking home a bundle of delicious baking; what’s not to love?

While I was of course looking forward to gorging myself on cookies (who wouldn’t look forward to that?), I was especially excited to catch up with some old and new blogging friends: Courtenay and Melissa from Baking Makes Things Better, Amanda from Here Comes the Sun and Danelle, photographer at A Couple of Night Owls and blogger at Danelle Bourgeois. I’m sure you’re already familiar with some of them, and those that you aren’t – you should be, you’ll love them!

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