Moro & bailey’s cheesecake


Last weekend Kevin and I finally got around to unpacking the last of our boxes – you know, the ones hanging around from when we moved into our new place back in early February. They were the three boxes we just couldn’t handle unpacking on moving weekend, so have sat in a pile in the corner for the past three or so months.

Then came the last box. What was in this one? Alcohol. Bottles and bottles of brand new alcohol. The trick is, Kevin and I aren’t big drinkers – we’ll have a glass of wine or something stronger every once in awhile, but that’s about it. But at Kevin’s old job he used to win bottles and bottles of the stuff in social club raffles, leading us to acquire quite the liquor cabinet.

So I decided we should slowly work our way through the liquor bit by bit in the best way I know how – by using it in some baking! My favourite thing about a visit to Lonestar is their fabulous Moro and Kahlua cheesecake, so I decided to try making something similar at home. Similar is the keyword here – the base is chocolate rather than shortbread, the topping is different and we didn’t have any Kahlua so… really the similarities end at it being a cheesecake with Moro bar pieces!

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