Five Favourite: Homemade Slices


One of my favourite things to bake on lazy weekends is a good slice – not only do they go perfectly with a cup of coffee fresh from being baked on a Sunday afternoon, but they’re super easy to store, making them perfect for packing in lunch boxes or toting in to work.

While I like to try new recipes as much as possible, there are some slice recipes I just keep coming back to time and time again – they’re our family favourites! So today I thought I’d share my five favourite slice recipes with you – who knows, they might just become a favourite at your house too.

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Marshmallow slice


Marshmallow is one of my very favourite things – real marshmallow, not the kind you buy in a bag in the lolly aisle of the supermarket. There’s something about the softness, texture and melt-in-your-mouth nature of it that takes me straight to my happy place.

But while Kevin likes homemade marshmallow, he’s not such a big fan – he’d much rather I made something ‘more substantial’ like biscuits, cupcakes or a slice… basically something that will fill the gap in the gaping hole he calls a stomach.

Marshmallow slice is the perfect compromise for us – he gets a stomach filling slice, while I get a thick layer of spongy marshmallow; win-win! In my mind marshmallow slice isn’t marshmallow slice unless it’s a pretty shade of pink – there’s something about it that screams happiness and fills me with nostalgia for weekend visits to the bakery for a treat. Finish the slice with a layer of hundreds and thousands and you’ve got something pretty magical on your hands.

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