Marshmallow balls


Children’s birthdays always seem a bit more exciting than grown-up birthdays – I think it has something to do with the way we celebrate. When you’re little you have all your friends over for a party, play some games and are treated to fairy bread and other delicious treats. But when you get older, birthdays seem to ‘creep up’ on people and rather than celebrating, they worry about the extra number added to their age and have much less of a fuss.

I don’t subscribe to that – I think birthdays are absolutely wonderful, regardless of how old you are. Kevin and I usually celebrate our birthdays by having a few friends over for dinner or to one of our favourite cheap and cheerful restaurants for dinner.  While it may not be acceptable to whip out a round of pin the tail on the donkey partway through these more grown up celebrations, you can easily add a bit of childlike excitement to the party by having some childhood treats on hand.

Each year without fail my Mum would make marshmallow balls for my brother and my birthday parties. They’re a treat I vividly remember from every one of my birthday parties – I loved the marshmallow surprise hidden inside the biscuity exterior, and always tried to guess which colour marshmallow would be waiting inside (I was always hoping for pink).

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