Apple cider cheesecake


While summer hasn’t quite officially kicked off, it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer – the days are long and warm, the sun is (usually) shining and you can’t help but want to spend all your free time out enjoying the beautiful weather. Gardening, walking, berry picking and swimming – there are so many ways to while away your summer!

Whatever you prefer, there’s nothing better than sitting down after a long day in the beautiful sunshine of a Kiwi summer to a beautifully chilled cider. I don’t mean one the super-sweet ciders you can get everywhere at the moment – I’m talking about a traditional cloudy apple cider that leaves you feeling refreshed.

That’s where this delicious new Mac’s Mid Tempo Cider comes in – it’s a premium, traditional cloudy cider that’s drier and sweeter than most ciders. You know what that means? It’s totally refreshing with a fresh juicy finish – delish!

After sitting down and enjoying a bottle of Mac’s Mid Tempo Cider at the weekend I started thinking – wouldn’t it be amazing to capture the light, refreshing flavours of the cider in a quick and easy summer dessert? Yeah, it would be! And that’s when this apple cider cheesecake came to life.

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