Refreshing Lime Cupcakes


I’m going to be honest – I had a bit of trouble coming up with the idea for this blog post. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t come up with something I wanted to bake, something that got me excited and itching to get the ball rolling.

I stared into the cupboard aimlessly, poured through cookbooks fruitlessly and went on a massive Pinterest trawl, all to no avail. I came to the conclusion that I’d never come up with an idea good enough to share, so decided to grab a drink from the fridge and give my overworked brain a break.

Then I spotted a pouch of fresh lime juice perched in the door of the fridge and a million ideas popped into my head. I scurried to the pantry and dug around for a jar of lime and passionfruit curd I picked up at a market in the Hawkes Bay a few months ago. As I lay my hand on the jar, it all came together – time to make some refreshing, tangy lime cupcakes.

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