Hokey Pokey Cookie Cupcakes


Where would Kiwi baking be without golden syrup? Without this one wonderful ingredient we wouldn’t have hokey pokey, hokey pokey biscuits, ginger gems and a host of other treats that are as Kiwi as the buzzy bee.

It’s one of those ingredients that’s good enough to eat straight from the tin (that can’t just be me, right?) and has a beautifully characteristic flavour that gives a depth and richness to any recipe it’s used in. Fair to say, I’m a bit of a fan!

So when I was given the chance to come up with a golden syrup recipe in celebration of Chelsea’s new Collectors’ Edition Golden Syrup tin, I was beyond excited. Not only is the tin gorgeous (I’m in love with the kiwiana design by NZ artist Greg Straight!), but the brand is already my go-to for golden syrup. Perfect!

While there are countless amazing recipes that use golden syrup to give them that something special, I wanted to create something as unique as the product itself… that’s where these hokey pokey cookie cupcakes come in.

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