Naked Nespresso Decaffeinato Martini


One of the things I love most about coffee is how versatile it is. Not only can you always rely on it to push your brain into working order each morning, but there are endless other ways you can use it to make little moments in your life a little bit better – drink it, bake with it, celebrate with it; you can pretty much do anything.

But until last month there was one way I’d never thought of using coffee – to make delicious cocktails. Seriously, who knew you could do that? It wasn’t until I tried this delicious Naked Nespresso Decaffeinato Martini at a Nespresso event last month that the thought even crossed my mind. And gosh, it is amazing!

So good in fact that I knew I absolutely had to lay my hands on the recipe and share it with you – luckily the lovely Nespresso team were ever obliging and made it happen. And judging by the response on Facebook, it looks like a lot of you were keen to try this cocktail for yourself too!

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Three ways to make entertaining a cinch

This time of year is all about entertaining and barbeques are my absolute go-to. I love nothing more than throwing open the French doors on a warm summer evening, throwing some food on the BBQ and catching up with friends and family.

It sounds pretty good right? The only trouble is the planning – before you know it even the simplest get-together can become a complicated web of planning, cooking and shopping. Suddenly it’s not simple the easy summer evening you envisaged.

Luckily I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help making hosting summer get-togethers a total cinch – no more complicated drinks to prepare, mounds of dishes to wash and dry in the morning or time consuming desserts to whip up (woohoo!)

Hands up if that sounds amazing… yip, I thought so. Here are three ways to help make summer entertaining an absolute breeze.


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