Decorating rose cakes


Rose swirls are one of my absolute favourite cake decorating techniques – while the finished cakes look unbelievably gorgeous and intricate, they’re so simple to decorate once you know how. Despite having made them over and over again in a range of colours, I never get sick of making them – they’re just stunning.

So I was thrilled to host a rose cake decorating class on Saturday afternoon – what could be more wonderful than spending a couple of hours with a group of lovely people creating beautiful cakes? I busily baked all the cakes the night before, then spent the morning setting up the house and preparing mountains of buttercream – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much in one place!

After much anticipation (and preparation!) 2.00pm eventually rolled around, everyone arrived and we got started! While the class focused on decorating we ran through the basics of leveling, filling and stacking a cake first, making sure everyone could easily recreate the cake at home.

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HTWD’s First Decorating Class


High Tea with Dragons is a huge part of my life and one of my favourite parts is getting to know some of my lovely readers. Which is why I was so excited to announce that I would be hosting decorating classes – what better way to get to know you than over copious amounts of buttercream, sweet treats and decorating?

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of hosting my very first decorating class – Beginner’s Cupcake Decorating! Having spent the morning baking, preparing goodie bags, making cupcake toppers and setting everything up, I couldn’t wait for the six lovely ladies to arrive so we could get the class going.

As a beginner’s class we ran through the basics of cupcakes all the way from coring and filling to making and piping buttercream. I showed the ladies how to decorate a cupcake in three different ways using just one decorating tip – the perfect challenge for any beginner decorator!

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