100s & 1000s of sprinkles


One year ago two of our best friends welcomed a new member of the family into the world – a gorgeous baby boy named Ezra-Arlo. In the 12 months since Kevin and I have had the pleasure of watching Ezra-Arlo grow into a wonderful little boy – and quite possibly the snuggliest, smiliest baby I’ve ever met!

Considering how recent Ezra-Arlo’s baby shower feels it’s a little hard to believe that he’s hitting his first milestone birthday! The good news? It’s birthday party time! His parents, Rhys & Joy, have a knack for planning wonderful children’s parties, so I was super excited to lend a hand with the baking for this one – which just so happened to be Up themed!

Cute huh? Considering how bright and colourful the theme was, a very special cake was needed to stand out amongst all the gorgeous Up themed decorations – that’s where this giant four-layer sprinkle cake comes in.

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