Manuka honey cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream


New Zealand is a pretty awesome little place. No matter where you live you’re never very far from something amazing – beaches, bush walks, mountains, lakes; the lot! Just look at Auckland; within the confines of a single city you have everything from volcanic cones and sandy beaches to bush walks and predator-free islands.

But it takes a lot to keep these wonderful places looking just that – wonderful. A lot of the work is done by the wonderful people at the Department of Conservation, who work tirelessly to keep everything looking as pristine as possible. No easy feat!

Today marks the start of Conservation Week – the week where we celebrate the unique environments and creatures of this little country, work out how we can help do our part to improve our environment and (of course) get out and enjoy it! To celebrate I decided to make some uniquely New Zealand cupcakes – Manuka Honey cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream.

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