Snickers Cookies


A great cookie really is something special. Whether you’ve had a hard day, have something to celebrate, or just need a bit of an energy boost a cookie can be just what you need. But finding a recipe for perfect cookies is not easy feat – luckily for you, I’ve got an incredible one up my sleeve!

This cookie is a dream for anyone who loves to treat themselves with a Snickers bar – it’s absolutely packed with them! But it’s not just the Snickers bars that makes these cookies special – there’s a generous handful of chopped peanuts and chocolate chips in them too.

You know, for good measure.

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Guest Post: Candyfloss Melting Moments


Hello lovely readers of High Tea with Dragons. I am Lydia from Lydia Bakes and I’m honoured to be guest blogging over here for Kirsten while she is away honeymooning!

Kirsten and I have very similar tastes when it comes to baking, when Kirsten mentioned guest blogging on High Tea with Dragons I knew I had to make something sweet and fun.

I decided to add a twist to a classic cookie, Melting Moments. These eggless cookies truly do melt in your mouth and with a sweet candyfloss flavoured filling they’re the perfect treat to satisfy a sweet tooth craving!

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Happy New Year everyone! After a much needed break (otherwise known as intensive wedding crafting) we’re back in action – it’s so lovely to be back. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and that 2014 is off to a wonderful start.

But now, into the baking!

Even when it’s this hot, I can’t stop myself from sitting down with a hot cup of tea each evening. Yip, even on those revoltingly muggy nights we’ve had recently you’ll find me perched on the couch armed with a cup of tea while I wind down for the evening. Sometime I can even convince Kevin to take part in this little evening ritual – but it takes the lure of biscuit!

While I’m not one to turn down any biscuits, there are some that just go better with a hot cup of tea (or coffee) – one of which is a bit of a Kiwi favourite. I bet you know exactly which one I’m talking about… the humble gingernut, of course!

So with our cookie jar looking a little empty I decided to try my hand at making homemade gingernuts. And you know what? I think I like them more than the store-bough variety – though it’ll take a little more ‘testing’ to confirm!

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Ugly Peanut Butter Biscuits


There’s no denying my love of all things peanut butter – on toast, with carrots or in baking, I’m a happy critter whenever there’s peanut butter around! While I’m not particularly fussy about how I get my peanut butter fix, there’s one combination that’s just that little bit better than the rest… you guessed it, peanut butter and chocolate!

You’ll notice there are quite a few peanut butter and chocolate recipes hanging out in the recipe index. But after while perusing the confectionary aisle at the supermarket this weekend I realised a shocking fact – despite all the peanut butter creations on my blog, there aren’t any featuring Whittaker’s peanut butter chocolate!

This was a pretty horrifying fact considering how much I love that chocolate. So I decided to make things right and come up with a simple, decadent and totally delicious recipe that uses it. That’s where these biscuits come in – ugly peanut butter biscuits!

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Peanut M&M Chocolate Biscuits


Ever feel like time is getting away with you? Yeah, me too – especially at the moment! Every waking moment seems to be filled with something to do; packing, planning, organising… the list is endless. With such a shortage of time at the moment, I’m all about finding easy, quick and (of course) delicious recipes that I can throw together on a Sunday afternoon.

Biscuits are great for times like this – they’re easy to prepare, quick to bake and don’t need any dressing up before they’re ready to eat. The trick is finding a recipe you love! Luckily I’ve done a bit of the leg work, so that’s exactly what today’s recipe is – a basic biscuit packed with flavour that only takes a few minutes to get mixed up and in the oven.

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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


Life is pretty crazy around here at the moment. In just two weeks time we will be moving house (again) and I’ll be starting a new job – what a mammoth couple of days that will be! Combine those big life changes with planning our wedding (which is now just four months away), other commitments and general life, it’s fair to say we’re a busy little household.

When things get this busy it’s easy to forget about making time for yourself – and for me, that means baking and blogging! While Kevin’s great about ensuring we always set a bit of time aside, the amount of time available has become a bit scarce. I’m sure you can guess what this means – I’ve been on the hunt for quick and easy recipe ideas that pack a punch!

Today’s recipe is all that and more – it’s cookie-ception; a cookie within a cookie. I’m sure you’ve seen these floating around the internet for awhile now, but I’ve finally given them a try – Oreo stuffed chocolate chip biscuits! YUM!

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Mid-winter Christmas Cookie Swap


I absolutely love blogging – the brainstorming, baking, photographing, writing, planning… everything! I especially love getting to know some of my lovely readers and blogging buddies through their comments, emails, Facebook comments and tweets – it’s a whole lot of fun!

The one downside of blogging is that a lot of the time your online blog friends are just that – online. Which is why I was absolutely thrilled when Lydia from Lydia Bakes invited me to the cookie swap she was planning – a group of bloggers catching up over cookies and tea, swapping cookies and taking home a bundle of delicious baking; what’s not to love?

While I was of course looking forward to gorging myself on cookies (who wouldn’t look forward to that?), I was especially excited to catch up with some old and new blogging friends: Courtenay and Melissa from Baking Makes Things Better, Amanda from Here Comes the Sun and Danelle, photographer at A Couple of Night Owls and blogger at Danelle Bourgeois. I’m sure you’re already familiar with some of them, and those that you aren’t – you should be, you’ll love them!

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Lemon & poppy seed sugar cookies


Tomorrow is a public holiday in New Zealand. But “holiday” is a bit of a loose term for this one – it’s a day of national remembrance.

It’s ANZAC Day.

One day each year where we take some time to remember the people that made – and continue to make – it possible for us to live the way we do. To be a free nation. To live free of oppression. To be New Zealanders.

Tomorrow marks the day the ANZACs landed on the shores of Gallipoli in 1915 – a battle that would see the shoreline painted red in one of the deadliest campaigns of the War. The massacres of that day knitted together military and civilians as a single country, fighting for a common goal. No longer were we a country of emigrants, a simple member of the commonwealth; we became New Zealanders.

ANZAC biscuits are the biscuit of choice for those looking to commemorate the day with a bit of baking – and with good reason. These biscuits were sent to troops by their loved ones at home – made using ingredients available even during rationing, ANZAC biscuits were hardy, long-lasting and a tasty reminder of home.

But I decided to bake something a little different this year. Without the hindrance of war-time rations, I used the symbol of a poppy to create some special sugar cookies with an ANZAC twist. The result? Lemon and poppy seed cookies decorated with a bright red poppy.

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