Sweet Vanilla Amaretti latte


Christmas is just around the corner and, if you’re a coffee-lover like me, that means there’s something in-store now that’s worth getting excited about – Nespresso’s Limited Edition Variations!

After falling in love with their Variations last year I couldn’t wait to find out what new flavours would be hitting the shelves this festive season – and I have to tell you, I think they might just be even more delicious than last year’s.

The latest Nespresso Limited Edition Variations are Vanilla Amaretti, Ciocco Ginger and Vanilla Cardamom. Inspired by a range of beautiful and oh-so-festive flavours – dark chocolate, spicy ginger, soothing vanilla and sweet almond – these Variations are the ultimate in festive indulgence.

While you can simply enjoy the Limited Edition Variations as they are or with a splash of milk, they’re also delicious in decadent coffee creations – like this sweet Vanilla Amaretti latte. The best part? It only takes a minute longer than making your usual morning coffee. Good, huh?

Whatever your taste buds fancy you’re sure to love these variations, after all, they’ve been specially created to make sure there’s something for everyone. On the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for the coffee-lover in your life? Then pick up a Limited Edition Variations Trio Pack and the gorgeous Pixie Espresso and Lungo pack and you’re all set.



  • Two Vanilla Amaretti capsules
  • 10ml honey
  • Milk
  • Almond milk
  • Flaked or sliced almonds, optional


  1. Place honey in a glass.
  2. Make milk froth by combing milk and almond milk in your Nespresso Aeroccino (or using a milk frother), aiming for a 50/50 mix. Froth milk and pour on top of the honey.
  3. Place glass under Nespresso machine and pour two 40ml Vanilla Amaretti espresso shots
  4. Decorate with some flaked or sliced almonds for a slight crunch and added flavour.

This post was made possible thanks to Nespresso. All opinions are, and always will be, my own.

The Variation Grand Crus contain flavouring to evoke taste and aroma sensations. Capsules do not contain the ingredients depicted.

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