One Helping


Have you ever had one of those moments where something in life absolutely blows you away for all the right reasons? Well, I had one of those moments while perusing the aisles at The Food Show a few weeks back. The prompt? Seeing my maiden name printed on a huge banner covering the back wall of one of the stands.

I pointed it out to Kevin and scurried in to take a closer look and find out what it was all about. While I was busy taking a photo of the banner on my phone, one of the ladies working at the stand came over and said to Kevin, ‘Do you know Kirsten McConchie?’ to which he replied, ‘Yeah, I’m married to her!’. He pulled me around as he said this and I popped out with ‘That’s me!’ – then the ladies brought us aside, filled  me in on what was going on and even asked me to do an impromptu book signing!

You see, last year TEAR Fund asked me if I would contribute a recipe for an e-book they were preparing as part of their Live Below the Line campaign. I was happy to help, so shared my favourite mug cake recipe with them – it’s quick, cheap and easy. Apparently the e-book was such a success that they decided to turn it into a real, printed cookbook this time around – and so One Helping was born and my name was in print!

One Helping features more than 40 recipes that can be made for just 75c or less per helping, spanning every meal from breakfast to dessert. Dozens of fabulous Kiwi chefs and food writers contributed recipes to the book, including Simon Gault, Ray McVinnie, Annabelle Langbeine and Nadia Lim, so you can guarantee there are some delicious recipes to discover!


But what makes One Helping really special is helping to achieve. Not only will the recipes make it easier for those taking part in the Live Below the Line campaign to create delicious, nutritious meals while living on just $2.25 a day, but it’ll make a real difference to the lives of people in Asia. All profits of the book go directly to TEAR Fund’s work in Southeast and Central Asia, helping free those who have been enslaved by human trafficking.

Before working with TEAR Fund I had no idea that there are more people in slavery now than at any other time in human history. It’s horrifying, and it makes you realise just how lucky we are here in New Zealand – that we live somewhere where we don’t know this fact we know from hand experience and that we have the means to help make a change.

The best part is, you can help by simply buying this cookbook. One Helping is perfect for those looking to cook up delicious meals without needing to blow the grocery budget on expensive or hard-to-find ingredients. Pick up a copy for $29.99 in the magazine section or checkout aisle at selected Countdown stores, or order one online from TEAR Fund.


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