Nesting for Easter


Do you know what’s exciting? This time next week we’ll be in the middle of Easter weekend, feasting on chocolate and hot cross buns, enjoying sleeping in and generally basking in having an extra-long weekend. It’s going to be the best!

As you might guess I’m still making the most of the eggs lining the shelves and indulging in a little seasonal baking. Like last Sunday I’ve got some cupcakes to share with you today, but these ones are much less decadent and a lot quicker to make!

Rather than baking Easter eggs into this week’s cupcakes I decided to use them in the decorating and make some sweet little buttercream Easter nest cupcakes. You can use any cupcake you want for this one – I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes, but chocolate ones would be equally delicious (and a little more aligned with the chocolatey-ness of Easter!).

All you need to decorate these cute cupcakes is a big batch of buttercream icing, a couple of tablespoons of melted milk chocolate and some mini Easter eggs. Just split the buttercream in two, tint one half green and mix the melted chocolate into the other half so you have a fluffy rich chocolate buttercream.

Then spread a generous amount of green buttercream onto the top of each cupcake, making it as rough or smooth as you like – it’s just a base so doesn’t really matter. Then, using a #233 grass tip, pipe the chocolate buttercream onto the centre of the cupcake in a circular motion. Pipe around the same circle two or three times until the buttercream is a good size for a nest.


I then piped a little chocolate buttercream inside of the nest shape too, just to give it a nice tidy base in case the eggs didn’t fill it entirely. To finish, place mini Easter eggs inside the nest, gently pressing them into the icing to secure.

Voila! Cute little nest cupcakes with an Easter twist.



I love the look of the mini birds eggs sitting inside the nests rather than plain chocolate mini eggs – it just gives them a sweeter feel – but whatever you have on hand will work perfectly. These would make great treats to break up the chocolate consumption on Easter Sunday – or as a treat to help get you through the final leg to the long weekend!


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  • Linda Robinson

    The cupcakes are the best, light tasty and really yummy. Love the new website Kirsten well done

    • KirstenM

      I’m glad you liked them Linda! Thank you :)

  • sam

    Hi these mini eggs are impossible to find. Were did u purchase yours?

    • KirstenM

      I found them at Pak n’ Save – they’re not Cadbury, but a UK brand in a yellow bag. I’ve also seen the same ones at the Warehouse.