Must-visit: Hobsonville Point Farmers Market


One of my favourite things to do at the weekend is jump in the car and head to a local market – whether it’s packed with trinkets, crafts or food, I can spend hours pouring over the stalls and trying to differentiate ‘want’ and ‘need’ as I meander down the aisles.

Much of next weekend will be spent supporting my husband at a Crossfit competition (he is obsessed!), so he decided it was only fair that part of last weekend was spent doing something I loved – so off to the markets we went!

After spotting a comment on Instagram from someone saying how great the Hobsonville Point Farmers Markets are, we blocked out Sunday morning, stashed some cash in our wallets and headed over.


First impressions:

“This place is packed!” Literally. As you drive down to The Landing, there are cars and people galore – the place is bustling! You know that any market that many people take the time to pop down to is going to be a good one.

Held down by the Hobsonville Point ferry terminal, the location is pretty special – there are a handful of stalls, games and musicians playing outside, plus rows of artisan foods tucked inside the shed. The best part is after doing your shopping you can easily find a nice spot in the sun down by the water and enjoy the view and music while indulging in a coffee + treat combo.

What you’ll find:

Pretty much everything! When we visited the ‘take home’ foods included everything from fresh herbs, fruit and veggies, and fresh breads to cured meats, chutneys, relishes, dips and oils. Then there’s all the things you can tuck into straight away (or take home if you have a bit more self-control!) – fresh pizzas, fritters, pastries, lollies, fudges, cupcakes and (of course) coffee.

It took two rounds of the market for Kevin and I to decide what we were going to buy – there are just so many options!


Favourite stalls:

Our favourite stalls were, predictably, the ones we bought things at:

Pukeko Bakery – if you love fresh breads then this is your go-to stall. There were so many incredible looking breads on offer, but after tasting their Kumara Bambino rolls there was no doubt what we were going to buy. We spent $2 and got four of the little rolls, which Kevin promptly began munching as we left the market. Without hesitation he turned around and bought four more – they’re that good!

Loaf – while you can pick up Loaf products at lots of places around Auckland, their stall is definitely worth a mention. As you would expect, their namesake loaves were absolutely incredible, and Kevin quickly declared the cronut he bought from them the best he’s ever had.

Relish the Thought – I spent quite a while at this stall; it was an absolute treasure trove of delicious relishes, chutneys and sauces. Whatever flavours you like, you’re bound to find something you’ll want to tote home with you here. What did I come away with? A delicious capsicum and chilli relish. YUM.

All the details:

The Hobsonville Point Farmers Market is held at The Landing in Hobsonville Point from 9am – 1pm every Saturday and Sunday.

You need cash for most of the stalls, so be sure to bring some with you. It’s not a big deal if you forget (or need more!) – you can withdraw some there for a 50c fee.