Moro & bailey’s cheesecake


Last weekend Kevin and I finally got around to unpacking the last of our boxes – you know, the ones hanging around from when we moved into our new place back in early February. They were the three boxes we just couldn’t handle unpacking on moving weekend, so have sat in a pile in the corner for the past three or so months.

Then came the last box. What was in this one? Alcohol. Bottles and bottles of brand new alcohol. The trick is, Kevin and I aren’t big drinkers – we’ll have a glass of wine or something stronger every once in awhile, but that’s about it. But at Kevin’s old job he used to win bottles and bottles of the stuff in social club raffles, leading us to acquire quite the liquor cabinet.

So I decided we should slowly work our way through the liquor bit by bit in the best way I know how – by using it in some baking! My favourite thing about a visit to Lonestar is their fabulous Moro and Kahlua cheesecake, so I decided to try making something similar at home. Similar is the keyword here – the base is chocolate rather than shortbread, the topping is different and we didn’t have any Kahlua so… really the similarities end at it being a cheesecake with Moro bar pieces!

So what did I come up with? A rich, chocolately Moro & Bailey’s cheesecake. And it’s delicious. The chocolate biscuit base is filled with a rich, creamy chocolate cheesecake packed with a generous helping of chopped Moro bars.  This is topped with a liberal amount of Bailey’s whipped cream and finished with milk chocolate shavings.

This cheesecake is an abosolute star. Not only is the base good enough to eat on its own, the cheesecake is smooth and rich, while the cream adds a touch of lightness to the dessert. The Moro bar pieces ooze chocolate-caramelly goodness as soon as you slice into it, leaving your plate a little messy but your tummy incredibly happy. And don’t worry, there’s enough Moro bar in the cheesecake that every slice has a good helping – no one misses out!

I’m not going to deny it, this cheesecake has definitely made my life a little better this week – it’s been nice knowing there’s something so rich, decadent and absolutely delicious sitting in the fridge waiting for pudding to roll around!

I hope you love it just as much.




  • 400g Choc Thin biscuits
  • 250g butter, melted


  • 100g milk chocolate, chopped
  • ¼ cup cream (to pour)
  • 3 tsp gelatine
  • ¼ cup water
  • 375g cream cheese, softened
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • ½ cup caster sugar
  • 300ml cream (to whip)
  • 180g (3 snack bars) Moro bars, chopped


  • 1 ½ cups cream
  • 1 Tbsp Bailey’s liqueur


  1. Grease and line base and sides of 24cm/9 inch springform pan
  2. Process biscuits to a fine crumb. Add butter and process until well combined. Press mixture evenly over base and sides of prepared pan. Refrigerate for approx. one hour.
  3. Combined milk chocolate and pouring cream in a small pot. Stir over a gentle heat until smooth and combined. Set aside to cool.
  4. Sprinkle gelatine over ¼ cup water and stir. Place in microwave and heat for 15 seconds, the mix until gelatine sprinkle dissolves. Allow to cool.
  5. Beat cream cheese, vanilla and sugar in a bowl until smooth.
  6. In a separate bowl, beat whipping cream until soft peaks form.
  7. Stir gelatine mixture into cream cheese mixture until completely incorporated. Add chopped Moro bars. Gently fold in whipped cream.
  8. Pour milk chocolate mixture and fold until well combined. If mixture looses some of its ‘puff’ give quick whisk until stiff peaks form again. Pour into prepared tin and place in fridge for 30 minutes.
  9. Place remaining cream in a bowl and whisk until soft peaks form. Add Bailey’s and whisk until cream makes stiff peaks.
  10. Spoon over chilled cheesecake and sprinkle with shaved milk chocolate.

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