Happy Monday!

Much of our weekend was spent gearing up for our five-week Northern Hemisphere adventure which is now just two weeks away – how crazy is that? I’m a little hyper-organised when it comes to travelling, so all we need to do is change our currency, pack our bags and we are all set. It’s fair to say I am very excited.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and managed to make the most of the sunshine while it was around – aren’t sunny, blue winter days the best? Here are five things to get your week off to a great start…

– No matter how old I get I never stop loving glitter – shoes, watches, bags… and now earrings! How gorgeous are these glitter earrings from Kate Spade? I’m totally in love.

– With our trip just around the corner I decided to invest in a couple of new dresses to swan around in as we enjoy a Northern Hemisphere summer and loved this cut from A Little Shop that I ended up with three. I can’t stress enough how beautifully made they are – if you need/want a new dress, definitely take a look.

– Looking for a quick and easy dinner to make tonight? Then check out this delish Mexican Inspired slow cooker soup from My Beloved Style – I can’t wait to try it.

– Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, chances are you’ve already tried Whittaker’s incredible new Artisan collection – they’re incredible, right? I’ve been lucky enough to try the whole range and think my favourite has to be the Hawke’s Bay Apple and vanilla block – it’s hands down delicious. Keep an eye on the blog next week for a recipe featuring one of the new blocks – if you like a bit of kick, you’ll love it!

– I’ve booked in to visit Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium when we’re in London next month, so was thrilled to hear Auckland might be getting its very own cat cafe! If you’re as excited as I am be sure to check out their Kickstarter page and help get them over the line – it would be purr-fect.

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  • Alisa B

    Fishpond has Kate Spade now.

    • Kirsten

      Ohhh thanks for the tip Alisa!