Happy Monday!

After a week battling a dreadful cold, this weekend was spent nestled up at home watching far too much TV and planning all kinds of adventures for our upcoming trip to Europe (turning 26 in Champagne, France? Yes, please!). Luckily I’m not feeling much better, am all TV’d out and am feeling very excited about our impending trip – seven weeks and counting.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead – let’s be honest, with The Bachelor finale and Pitch Perfect 2 hitting cinemas, it’s a pretty exciting week! Here are five things to get your week off to an even better start…

– Okay, so I’m probably teasing sharing this so early in the morning, but seriously, how amazing do these delish Tim Tam inspired hot chocolates by In Rhi’s Pantry look? Must. Try. Now.

– Looking for some Mother’s Day gift inspiration? Then check out this list of super-easy crafty gifts that you can whip up in a snap – there are some pretty great ideas in there!

– If you love food and colour, be sure to check out Brittany Wright on Instagram. She shares all kinds of gorgeous foodgradient shots that will make you swoon.

– This chilly weather is perfect for snuggling up with warming winter desserts and these molten chocolate cakes look delish. The best part is, they’re baked in cupcakes pans so you don’t need anything fancy to make them. Good luck!

– Finally, it isn’t Monday without some furry cuteness, right? Well, this ginger kitten dressed as a lion should just about do it.


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