Happy Monday!

What a wonderful weekend – it’s really beginning to feel like summer has arrived, huh? A few more days like Sunday please Auckland! We had a relaxing but busy weekend, getting our hands dirty with a couple of DIY projects, getting through a BIG chunk of Christmas shopping, having a date night to see the new Hunger Games movie and lots (and lots) of reading in the sunshine.

I hope you had a great weekend too – here are five things to get your week off to a great start…


– Who else loves Amy Poehler? It’s hard not to, right? I finally laid my hands on a copy of her book, Yes Please, on Friday and am pleased to report it’s as amazing and un-put-down-able (don’t look that one up in the dictionary) as you’d imagine.

– Speaking of Amy Poehler (and considering how much my mind is filled with her wittiness right now) here are 23 wonderful Amy Poehler quotes to get you through the day.

– If you have a Nespresso machine then it’s time to pick up this year’s limited edition Variations – think Apple Crumble, Chocolate Mint and (my personal favourite) Hazelnut Dessert. YUM! And just in time for Christmas (hint, hint). Keep your eyes peeled for a decadent Hazelnut Dessert inspired treat next week – there’s a lot of chocolate and home-roasted hazelnuts involved.

– There’s no denying Christmas is just around the corner (this time next week we’ll officially be in December!) so it’s totally appropriate to have Christmas carols on your daily playlist. For a quick fix, head to YouTube and have a listen to Band Aid 30’s Do They Know It’s Christmas (or listen to the original if you’d prefer).

– Feeling like stringing up some fairy lights this Christmas (or summer – we’re popping some permanent strings up on the pergola over our deck) then head to Bunning’s and grab a string of LED solar lights. Yip, solar! Not only do they cost nothing to run, but they twinkle as beautifully as any electric ones at night-time.

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  • Lizzy

    I love these posts. That book by Amy P looks great, glad to hear you are enjoying it! Bring on Christmas 😀 !!!

    • Kirsten

      Thanks Lizzy! It’s such a great book, right up there with Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants’. One month till Christmas! :)