Happy Monday!

What an absolutely stunning weekend, huh? It’s hard to believe summer is still a month away – it definitely feels like it’s arrived a little early! After being knocked out with illness much of this week we were super busy this weekend catching up on things around the house and catching up with friends we felt as though we hadn’t seen in months – all round it was a busy, productive, beautiful weekend.

I hope you had a great weekend too and are all set to launch head-first into the week ahead. Here are five things to get you started…


– Now that summer’s not far away it’s time for me to stock up on some new summer dresses. This gorgeous lobster print dress is at the top of my list… well, wish list anyway!

– The lovely ladies over at Shop Style Conquer have shared an awesome DIY for homemade advent calendars big enough to fit all kinds of gifts. Their how-to video got my mind spinning with all kinds of ways you could use this idea and I can’t wait to give it a try later in the month.

– Speaking of DIYs, how gorgeous are these tiny clay pots? I’ll definitely be trying this one myself – they’ll look perfect on our brand new desk to add a little life to our home office.

– Even though our first wedding anniversary is still a few months away I’ve started brainstorming ideas and checking out cards. This one is my absolute favourite at the moment – it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who are a little too attached to their phones come bed time!

– It wouldn’t be Monday without a cute animal, so hopefully this fabulous 90s cat brings a smile to your face. Feel like more of a 90s flashback? Then check out this great post on Buzzfeed.

A big congratulations to Kris van der Water who is the lucky winner of last week’s giveaway for a fabulous Tasti Christmas Tin! Keep an eye on your emails Kris,  I’ll be in touch shortly. 

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