Happy Monday!

What a wild, windy, wet and yet sunny weekend it was. We had a very busy (but lovely) weekend – think voting, brunching, baking, DIY-ing, kitten cuddling and hosting a private decorating class. Phew!

I hope you all braved the elements and made your vote count on Saturday and enjoyed the rest of your weekend, whatever you were doing. Here are five things to get your week off to a great start…


– If you have a tree bursting with grapefruit then you must try making these gorgeous grapefruit curd stuffed doughnuts. I can’t wait to dig into one myself – yum!

– What do you do if you have loads of creativity and a camera-loving canine? Create incredible doodles starring your pooch in all sorts of different scenes. They’re amazing – you’ll love them!

– You learn a lot of things when you bring a cat into your family (like what it’s like to have your face kneaded ‘affectionately’ at 2am!). This list of words that mean something totally different once you have a cat hits the nail on the head in the best possible way.

– I can’t stop staring at this incredible psychedelic rainbow swirl lollipop cake from the amazing Raspberri Cupcakes… it’s beyond words.

– Finally, here’s a truism to take with you into the week ahead. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the winner of The Tea Lady giveaway – Joy Lake! I will be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your fabulous ‘Something Sweet’ gift pack. 

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