Happy Monday!

What a wonderful weekend – we picked Hunter up from the vet on Friday, so spent most of the weekend snuggled up at home nursing him and giving him lots of cuddles. Add in a bit of baking, DIY-ing around the house and catching up with friends, it was a lovely couple of days.

I hope you had a great weekend too – here are five things to get your week off to a great start…


– I tried Nespresso’s new Cubania Grand Cru over the weekend and, gosh, is it good! If you’re big into full-bodied coffee you’ll love this one – it’s the most intense Grand Cru they’ve ever released.

– Now we’ve bought our home I’m itching to get into a bit of decorating when the budget allows it. The office will be first up and I can’t stop looking at Freedom’s Finn Table Lamp – I love it! Oh, and pretty much everything in their summer collection.

– Speaking of homewares, who says doormats have to be boring? I absolutely love the range from Don’t Be A Doormat – they have so many great ways to welcome people to your home (with a smile!)

– If you need a laugh to kick off your week then you have to watch this gorgeous video of a Dad playing peek a boo with his daughter.

– And finally, here’s some furry cute-ness to begin your Monday. Enjoy!

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  • Dontbeadoormat

    Love your mondayitis posts! And am super stoked to be included in one! Who says doormats OR mondays have to be boring! Spicing up the world we are :) Thanks so much

    • Kirsten

      You’re so welcome – I absolutely love what you do. Can’t wait to order one for our own place very soon :)