Happy Monday!

Phew, what a crazy weekend. It started off with a bit of mayhem, after finding out the reason one of our kittens has been running like a rabbit and limping from time to time is that he has dislocated kneecaps – not only does he need very expensive surgery to fix them, it needs to be done as soon a possible so he can grow healthy, strong legs. Luckily we had a lovely weekend planned and spent lots of time with friends and family – it really takes your mind off things!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend – here are five things to get your week off to a great start…


– Who doesn’t love pizza? I can’t wait to try this amazing Thai Tofu pizza next weekend – doesn’t it just look amazing?

– While I love our fireplace, there’s no denying it looks pretty unattractive when the fire’s not burning. So I was thrilled to spot this DIY for a gorgeous fireplace log facade – it’s so realistic! This is definitely on my ‘to make’ list.

– Did anyone else see this awesome ad before the Bledisloe Cup match on Saturday night? Brad Thorn, a good story and clever editing make it the perfect three-minute watch to get yourself pumped.

– I know it’s totally inappropriate to be thinking about Christmas let alone talking about it, but I couldn’t help it when I stumbled upon these cute cinnamon stick tree ornaments. Just imagine how good your house would smell?

– Looking for quirky ways to personalise your space? Then check out this list of strange decorating tricks that might just be perfect.

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