Happy Monday!

What a wonderfully wild and windy weekend! With the forecasters predicting something dire, we spent the whole weekend hunkered down, binge-watching our favourite movies and TV shows, drinking cider and feasting with friends. It was fabulous!

But all great weekends have to come to end – here are five things to help your week start off as great as it ended…


– If you aren’t already playing Quiz Up, you should be! The app lets you take quizzes on hundreds of topics – from books and films to celebrities and logos – either against your friends or other players from around the world. But beware – it’s one addictive app!

– Saturday night saw us make the most incredible burgers with friends – crispy quinoa patties topped with spiced kumara  fries, beer caramelised onions, melted cheese and eggs. Whether you’re vegetarian or not, you should definitely give this recipe a try.

– Speaking of food, I’ve found my new favourite cheap ‘n cheerful dinner spot – Wok ‘n  Noodle! I’m not usually a big fan of Asian food, but after eating here last week I’m a convert – so much so that I went back again the next day! If you’re in Auckland and haven’t already popped by, make this your next Friday night dinner destination.

– Ever look through your photos and feel like they’re missing something? Maybe they’re missing cats! Never fear – just download the Cat Paint app and add as many cats as you like to your photos. Time wasting at its best!

– Exciting news – I’ve finally found a local store that sells incredible dresses at a reasonable price (aka. my life goal). I stumbled across A Little Shop a few weeks ago and, as my wishlist can attest, instantly fell in love with their dresses. Be sure to pop over to Facebook and give them a like – and while you’re at it swing by their website and invest in a dress (or three), I know I will be!


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