Happy Monday!

I cannot believe how quickly this weekend flew by! Kevin was out at his stag do on Saturday, so I spent the day ticking a whole lot of things off my to do list (bow ties… check, programs… check, seating plan… check!), before having a much needed girls night that evening. Sunday was filled with two things – I bet you can guess what… yip, wedding planning and baking (LOTS of baking!).

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and ready to take on the week ahead. Here are five things to get the week off to a great start…


– Even though we’re three week’s into the new year I’m still to pick up a 2014 calendar – I just couldn’t find the right one. Then I spotted this gorgeous one from Love Ideas Ink – cute, motivational and functional… perfect!

– What’s cuter than a baby polar bear? A baby polar bear taking its first steps! Don’t miss this one, it’s too cute.

– Got a wedding coming up? Then take a look at the 15 essential items you have to have on your wedding day… according to Pinterest at least!

– I’m a huge Parks & Recreation fan, so was thrilled when I heard they released a video showing of the cast reflecting on their favourite moments from the show so far… then less than thrilled when I realised I could only watch it in the US! Luckily Buzzfeed came to the rescue and made a great little summary for us non-US fans – take a look.

– One thing I want to do this year is become better at Photoshop, so I found this cute little tutorial to get me started – it shows you how to turn your hand drawn type into something totally gorgeous.

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