Happy Monday!

Wow – what an incredible weekend; how fantastic was that weather? We’re definitely hoping the weather gods decide to go the same way on our wedding day… and for Christmas Day! Hope you all got a chance to head out and make the most of the beautiful summer sunshine.

Now into the last full working week before Christmas! Here are five things to get your week off to a great start…


– I’ve been eyeing up the fabulous Whittaker’s Christmas range for awhile now and am officially in love with it – especially the Mini Mix; such a great idea! Lucky for you the lovely people at Whittaker’s have given me little prize pack to help spread the Christmas cheer, with one reader taking home a packet of both the Mini Mix and Surprise Santa Slabs. This giveaway has now closed. 

– I’m officially head over heels in love… with this chinchilla! Cute Bubu is without a doubt the cutest critter in my Instagram feed – take a look!

– Feeling crafty this Christmas? Then check out this clever DIY from Ruffled and make your own gorgeous ‘bird bath’ candles – can’t wait to try this one!

Here’s a fantastic cupcake idea you have to try this festive season – cheesecake stuffed Christmas tree cupcakes! Not only is there a Christmas tree on top, there’s also one hidden away inside…

– It’s nearly Christmas, so why not have a double dose of cuteness in this week’s post? Be sure to take a look at the 30 best animal photobombs of 2013.


This giveaway has now closed. 

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  • Jess Keen

    My favourite Whittakers chocolate is Hokey Pokey its delicious!!

  • Claire

    Whittaker’s Dark Ghana is absolutely indulgent and great for adding to dessert dishes.

  • Kris van de Water

    I am loving the new Strawberry Whittakers

  • Sarah

    My favourite, that’s just too difficult, I love them all! If I must choose ………. then I’m torn between two, it has to be either peanut butter or hokey pokey.

  • Ash Keen

    I love the milk strawberry chocolate they make, such a delicious treat!

  • Clayton

    Can’t go post White Macadamia Chocolate

  • Renee Holtom

    33% Cocoa peanut butter

  • Serenity Cooper

    Absolutely in love with Whittakers Peanut Butter chocolate!!! Mmmm yum!

  • Adele

    The Whittakers Dark Ghana chocolate is my favorite – perfect for any situation. It makes a great gift, or a perfect indulgent snack or after dinner treat, and it is always my choice when I am baking chocolate goodies! :)

  • Sarah

    Milk Strawberry is pretty morish!

  • Natasha Milmine

    My favourite Whittakers chocolate is the Dark 70%-great for cooking and eating! Yum!

  • Katarina

    Has to be the Whittakers Peanut Butter Chocolate…. delish!

  • Megan

    White chocolate and Macadamia!
    Drooling just thinking about it.

  • Katie Moore

    Whittaker’s L&P chocolate

  • Danelle

    My favourite is their Milk Strawberry one! SO GOOD. I can eat a block of that like nobody’s business. Haha. But I also love the Hazelnut one too – yum!

  • Tania

    Holy moly, Whittaker’s Chocolate is the best – I always use the dark Ghana for my chocolate ganache, yum!!! But my two favourite flavours (I can’t pick just one sorry) are White Raspberry and L&P :)

  • Emily

    The Creamy Milk 5 Roll Refined is so so delicious!

  • Rachael

    I love the peanut butter flavour! Want to try the chocolate peanut butter biscuits recipe you have that uses it.

  • Bronwyn

    WOW the 72% Cocoa Ghana Peppermint is my absolute favourite of faves. But the Whittakers website itself pretty much takes the cake for the best visual feast (without the calories) online!!!

  • Katherine T

    Whittaker’s is my favourite chocolate and I love so many of the flavours. If I had to choose one it would be the Dark Chocolate Peppermint, so good with the gooey centre. Also a big fan of Caramel and Creamy Milk. It would be very tough to share this pack around! I love the fact that they are a kiwi brand and keep the new flavours coming

  • Jan Kench

    My favourite Whittaker’s chocolate is the strawberry chocolate ….yummy

  • Nikky

    My favourite Whittaker’s flavour is Berry and Biscuit – but they’re all yummilicious!

  • Antonia

    I love the macadamian and white chocolate bar !!!!

  • Alice Pilgrim

    My favourite Whittakers chocolate is the 5 rolled refined creamy milk, mmmmm!!! Delicious for eating AND adding to baking!

  • Danielle

    Definitely has to be the Berry and Biscuit Whittakers Block!

  • Julia Levi

    My fav is the peanut butter choc yum!

  • Lucy Knight

    I love Whittakers 5 roll refined Creamy Milk mmmm #classic

  • Cassie

    mmmmmm Whittakers Creamy Milk

  • Sarah S

    White Raspberry is my fav :)

  • Allie

    Dark almond mmmmmm

  • Anne Henwood

    We love the Raspberry and White Chocolate

  • Julia Bowden

    I love milk chocolate and Macadamia nuts yummy and Im sure all the goodness of the nuts make the chocolate extra healthy :)

  • Rachael Duff

    Good ol Peanut Slab yum!

  • jodie quedley

    the strawberry one is so good

  • Siobhan

    I love Almond Gold

  • Lisa Sullivan

    Whittakers Choc is the best!!! Its made close to where I live. I would say Coconut Rough as addicted to coconut flavour but I wouldn’t refuse any of theirs honestly 😀