Happy Monday!

Can you believe it’s a month till Christmas Day? I’m so excited you can’t even imagine – and for us, Christmas kicks off next weekend with my Christmas gift baking class, collecting the tree and stringing our lights.

Being this close to Christmas also means we’re close to something else… there’re less than two months left until our wedding! Needless to say we’ve been a very busy household this weekend, helping get both Christmas and the wedding a little more organised – phew!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Here are five things to get your week off to a great start…


– It feels like summer now, so adventures are on the mind! One place I really want to visit this summer is Rotoroa Island in the Hauraki Gulf – isn’t it gorgeous?

– Kevin’s been nagging me for an idea for my Christmas gift and I think I’ve finally found it… this stunning Kate Spade watch. Not only does it have a gorgeous gold glitter band, it also comes with a black leather one for when a bit more subtlety is needed. Perfect!

– Dinosaurs are right up there with cats, sloths and pugs as some of my favourite things. This is why I love these Dinovember photos which a couple of parents created to convince their kids their plastic dinos came to life at night and spark their imaginations.

– I think most of us have dreamed about going to Hogwarts. This kid went a step further and dressed as Harry Potter, went to Penn Station in NYC and went in search of Platform 9 ¾…

– And finally, here’s a lion cub playing in autumn leaves to bring a smile to your face.


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