Happy Monday!

As always, the weekend absolutely flew by didn’t it? It whizzed by in a blur of wedding planning, shopping, baking, cooking and housework – it doesn’t really feel like we had a break at all! But it was lovely none the less, it always is when you have a weekend where you can just plod away at things at home!

I hope you had a lovely weekend too and managed to stay warm and dry in the wild weather! Now the new working week has begun, here are five things to get you started…


– Having one of those days where just getting out of bed felt like a major mission? Then maybe you need this celebratory jumper.

– All this unpacking has made me realise just how important storage is… and how ugly it can be! But this awesome DIY for bookshelf storage crates proves it can be both functional and nice to look at.

– While I love Disney, I love the idea of girls having real-life role models to look up to even more – why wish to be a Princess when you could be like Coco Chanel or Amelia Earhart? Which is why I love this photography project by a Mum who got her daughter to dress up as amazing real-world women.

– Whether you’re an Amy Poehler fan or not, you should definitely take a couple of minutes to read this piece she penned in The New Yorker – it’s made me love her even more.

– It wouldn’t be Monday without some furry cuteness! With that in mind check out this gorgeous pug… oh, and his fabulous wigs!

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