Happy Monday!

It’s been such an unbelievable few days, it’s hard to fathom so much could happen so quickly! After finishing up at my old job on Friday (and being unbelievably spoilt by my lovely workmates), Kevin and I packed up and moved into our new house! We were so lucky to have the help of family and friends, so just over 24 hours later we’re practically all settled in – phew!

Today is the start of a new challenge for me… I’m beginning my new job! A busy few days, right? I hope you all had a lovely weekend – here’s to getting the week off to a great start…


– I know I’ve written about Shoes of Prey before, but after receiving my wedding shoes from them today I just had to share them again – the shoes are perfect! They fit like a glove, came in the most unbelievable packaging and are even prettier than I hoped – well worth the investment!

Here are some warm fuzzy facts to kick off your week… the 17 happiest science facts of all time! There are some pretty neat ones on there.

– I’m obsessed with T2 at the moment – not only are their teas unbelievably delicious, but the staff in the Queen Street store are beyond amazing. My favourite thing at the moment is brewing up a big jug of Fruitalicious iced tea – perfect on these warm Spring days!

– Got a dress up party to go to this Halloween and struggling to come up with a costume? Then check out this collection of 46 awesome costumes to match every hair colour.

– Love milkshakes? Then how does a Jelly Tip milkshake sound? Honeytrap on Auckland’s K Rd now has this (and lots of other wonderful flavours) on the menu – I can’t wait to pop in and give them a try!

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