Happy Monday!

What a weekend this has been – from torrential rain, thunderstorms and lightening on Saturday to beautiful sunshine and warm Spring-y weather on Sunday; it’s certainly been a mixed bag! I hope you managed to dodge the rain and make the most of the days off regardless – I know we did.

Let’s get into the week ahead – the last week of September! Here are five things to get your week off to a great start.


- Here’s a cool (if slightly messy) DIY project I can’t wait to try – plaster flower votives! Despite looking drop-dead gorgeous, the instructions are surprisingly simple.

- It’s been too long since pugs featured in a Mondayitis post! To rectify that wrongdoing, here are 41 reasons pugs are the most majestic creatures on earth.

- If you’re anything like me, you generally have two hairstyles in your repertoire – in a ponytail or down. Add some new styles to your routine with this collection of easy five minute hairstyles – they’re easier than they look!

- I’m all about floral crowns at the moment – they’re absolutely gorgeous! After a bit of hunting I’ve tracked down a great DIY so you can try making your own (perfect for summer parties!)

- Having a monotonous Monday? Then here’s a reminder to help get you through.

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