Happy Monday!

Despite the weather being rather gloomy, I had an absolutely wonderful weekend doing… very little at all! After weeks and weeks of business, Kevin and I finally got  a chance to sit back and relax this weekend – think coffees, movies, treats and (of course) plenty of baking.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too and are refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Here are five things to help get your week off to a great start…


– Amy Poehler is up there as one of my favourite people of all time – here are a few reasons why.

– Wouldn’t weather forecasts be better if they featured cats? Some clever cookie thought so and came up with an awesome cat-filled iPhone app! Read all about it here.

– One little girl’s big imagination if brought to life in a super cute series of photographs by Nagano Toyokazu – take a look!

– Suffer a baking mishap at the weekend? Make yourself feel better and take a look at this collection of baking disasters.

– Finally, a bit of a laugh in the form of a comic – cat themed of course! Take a look at ‘Cat vs. Internet’


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