Happy Monday!

What a lovely weekend! I had the pleasure of hosting a rose cake decorating class on Saturday – it was so much fun! Kevin and I celebrated the success with a date night at the movies, then spent Sunday relaxing at home watching movies and baking – such a perfect weekend! I hope you had a lovely one too.

But  weekends always go so quickly, don’t they? Now that Monday’s arrived again, here are five things to help get your week off to a great start.


– Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence? And here are 20 reasons why we do!

– I laid my hands of the most beautiful party dress last week – this one from Miss Selfridge! They have an awesome new store in Smith & Caughey’s – if you love pretty dresses, you’ll adore it!

This ‘seal of approval’ is a sure fire way to make me smile.

– I’m totally in love with the latest addition to my cake stand collection – this gorgeous rabbit plate! It’s whimsical, cute and perfect for cupcakes.

– And finally, here are 27 ways to remind yourself that the world isn’t falling apart – starring cute animals, of course!

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