Happy Monday!

This weekend has been exactly what I needed – after spending Friday in bed knocked down with food poisoning, we had a nice lazy weekend at home with lots of lazy sleep ins! Luckily the extra rest paid off and I still managed to squeeze in a bit of socialising and baking, so despite beginning badly it ended up being a pretty lovely weekend!

Hope  you had a lovely weekend too. Here are five things to help get your week off to a great start…


– Finding today a little hard? Then check out this list of 27 animal facts that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Here’s a DIY project I can’t wait to try – how to make little gift boxes out of paint samples!

–  As bad as it is, I love indulging in a bit of celebrity gossip. One of the best things I stumbled upon this week was this list of what celebrities were voted in the high school yearbooks – best part is it’s interactive, so give it your best guess!

– Got a bunch of doilies lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Why not make a table runner like this one – gorgeous!

– Want to bake mini cakes but don’t have any tins? Then try this recipe to bake them in old cans!

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