Happy Monday!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was absolutely wonderful and filled with some very exciting moments that have left us buzzing a little bit… everything meeting new additions to achieving some pretty awesome goals. Definitely a weekend we’ll remember for years to come! But now onto the new week (with my eyes firmly fixed on the long weekend at the end of it!)

With that in mind, here are five things to get your week off to a good start…


– While the thought of going for a run makes me cringe (making half-marathon training rather tough!), it’s one of Kevin’s favourite things. He’s running the Auckland marathon in November so did the Huntly Half Marathon yesterday as training  – take a look at the photos (and excuse the sweat)

– With a bit of wedding planning ahead of us, I have weddings on the brain at the moment. I fell in love with this candid photo of flowergirls and a ringbearer – it’s unbelievably cute!

– Last week two of our best friends welcomed a beautiful new addition to their family: a gorgeous little boy named Ezra-Arlo. Kevin and I were lucky enough to meet him on Saturday and spend an evening catching up with them and his adorable older sister – we left feeling warm and fuzzy and so, so lucky to have such wonderful friends in our lives!

– 30 Rock is one of my all time favourite shows – I have no idea how many times we’ve watched each episode, but it’s enough to pretty much know them off by heart. I have a bit of an affinity with Liz Lemon – she loves food and quiet nights in – so adored this list of ’29 reasons why you are Liz Lemon’

– What’s the internet for if not for finding cute photos of animals? Get your daily dose of furry cuteness and check out this post of the cutest pugs ever

The images used in this post belong to the sites linked to – be sure to check them out!

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  • Mary Drennen

    I love that picture of the ring bearers and the flower girls. It is too cute.

    • Kirsten

      Isn’t it just gorgeous? Everything about it makes me smile.

  • Mary Drennen

    It is so gorgeous and it does make me smile. I am a good friend of Joy Lake (Lenz). My mom and dad has known Mr. and Mrs. Lenz before I was born. Rhys is so awesome and the rest of the Lenz family are such great people. Joy’s new baby is so cute! Anyway, have a great day.

    • Kirsten

      Oh wonderful! The Lenz’s are absolutely wonderful – they were kind enough to have Kevin and I stay with them when we were in Philadelphia in January, we had a blast. Nice to ‘meet’ you – have a lovely week :)

  • Mary Drennen

    I know. They are the best ever! I love them all. That is so awesome that you stayed at their house. We always have a blast with them too. Nice to meet you too!