Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day – if you’re a Mum yourself I hope you got suitably spoilt! We were very busy this weekend – Saturday was spent working on a rather extravagant cake (you’ll see it on Wednesday!), dinner at Peter Gordon’s Bellota at SkyCity that night and a day packed with Mother’s Day activities on Sunday (including being suitably spoilt by my own ‘baby’, Norm). Here are five things to get your week going!


– Need a bit of inspiration this Monday morning? Where better to get it than from the mouth of a llama! Check out 15 llamas showing you how to win at life.

– I love history so have long been a fan of this Twitter feed – Live tweets from World War Two, an account that live tweets the events of the second world war at the date and time it happened.

– Do you love cats? Then pop over to the SPCA website and grab yourself a “Love Cats” t-shirt from Meadowlark – they’re gorgeous!

– I don’t know about you, but I hate having my phone charger next to my bed – I always trip over the cord or get it twisted on a million other things. The solution? Build it into a DIY charging dock made from old books! Love it.

– Love the look of Anthropologie glasses?  Then check out this tutorial on how to make look-a-likes at home.

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