Homemade Easter bundles


Every year Kevin and I try to do something a little different when we gift out Easter eggs. After all, Easter only comes around once a year so you might as well make the most of it, right?

While cellophane, ribbon and baskets are usually my best friends come Easter time, this year I decided to try something a little different and use preserving jars and mason jar mugs to create cute little Easter bundles for friends and family – and they turned out pretty darn cute!

Want to make some yourself this Easter? Then here’s everything you need to know:


What you’ll need

  • Glass jars as big or small as you like – I used a mixture of preserving jars ($4 each) and mason jar mugs (a steal at $1.90 each), both from Look Sharp. ‘

Save money and use old jars you already have at home – simply soak the labels off and you’re all set!

  • One bag of shredded brown paper
  • One bag of gold floss
  • Assorted Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies

How to make them

  1. Remove all the stickers from your jars and give them a quick wash and dry to make sure they’re nice and clean – especially important if you’re using unwrapped treats.
  2. Shape a handful of shredded paper into a loose-ball and tease a small amount of gold gloss over it. Push into the bottom of the jar and allow to spring back up.
  3. If using a large jar: place a medium chocolate bunny towards the front of the jar, leaving room at the back to place smaller eggs. Place a couple of marshmallow eggs behind the bunny to hold it in place. Fill remaining space with small chocolate eggs.
  4. If using a small jar: place a small chocolate bunny in the centre of the jar and place small chocolate eggs against the glass in front of the bunny. Place a marshmallow egg behind the bunny to hold it in place, siting firmly against the small chocolate eggs. Fill remaining space with small chocolate eggs.

While the total cost of these Easter bundles will vary depending on what you put in them, they make a wonderfully affordable and easy to transport Easter gift – no need to worry about eggs arriving cracked and broken this year!

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