Five Favourite: Homemade Slices


One of my favourite things to bake on lazy weekends is a good slice – not only do they go perfectly with a cup of coffee fresh from being baked on a Sunday afternoon, but they’re super easy to store, making them perfect for packing in lunch boxes or toting in to work.

While I like to try new recipes as much as possible, there are some slice recipes I just keep coming back to time and time again – they’re our family favourites! So today I thought I’d share my five favourite slice recipes with you – who knows, they might just become a favourite at your house too.



Millionaire’s Slice

Millionaire’s Slice is a soft shortbread topped with a thick layer of rich, fudgey caramel and finished with a smear of chocolate. While the making of this slice is a little steppy, it’s really very simple – the shortbread dough takes less than five minutes to pull together, mix and pop in the tin, then just 20 minutes in the oven to bake.


S’mores Slice

This Kiwi version of a S’mores slice makes an absolutely decadent treat. Imagine a smooth vanilla biscuit base that crumbles into your mouth as you bite into it, topped with a layer of fudgy milk chocolate, and finished with a generous helping of homemade marshmallow that’s been lightly toasted under the grill. The bonus? This recipe goes a long way – you’ll either get 16 bars (as pictured) or a whopping 48 squares from this recipe.


Marshmallow Slice

Marshmallow slice is nice and simple to make – all you need is a good shortbread slice base and a reliable marshmallow recipe to use at the topping. After much hunting, fiddling and perfecting I am very pleased to have fail-proof, delicious recipes for both in my arsenal so combined them to make what is quite possibly the best marshmallow slice recipe.



Raspberry & lemon crumble slice (sugar-free)

If you’re looking for a healthier option that still tastes amazing, is easy to make AND doesn’t require lots of special ingredients then you have to try this recipe. This delish raspberry and lemon crumble slice ticks every single one of those boxes. Imagine a crumbly biscuit base slathered in a thick coating of baked raspberries and topped with a crumble of biscuit – perfection!


Lemon & Oat Crumble Slice

This beautiful baked lemon slice is out of this world delicious. Imagine a chewy oat base topped with a layer of lemony condensed milk and finished with a generous helping of crumbled oat mixture, then baked. Sounds delicious, right? The best thing about this recipe is how easy it is to make – the same mixture is used for the base and crumble topping, so after five minutes of mixing you’re pretty much finished!

Happy baking everyone!

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  • Lizzy

    These all look amazing but I am especially tempted to try making the Smores slice and the lemon one!

    • Kirsten

      Thanks Lizzy :) The s’mores slice and lemon & oat slice are both delicious – the lemon one is oaty enough to kind of trick yourself into thinking it’s healthy!