Falling in Love with Ginger


As you may have seen in Monday’s post, Kevin and I had a pretty exciting weekend – we adopted two gorgeous kittens from the SPCA! Both of us absolutely love animals and have been hanging out to welcome cats into our family for quite some time, but we never lived in a house where they were allowed.

After Norm’s passing in early April our home was feeling pretty empty, then we bought the house and were finally in a position to welcome some larger furry friends into the family – it’s fair to say we were pretty excited!

Bright and early on Saturday morning we headed over to the SPCA to find our new furbabies. Despite there being plenty of cats and kittens to choose from, it didn’t take long for us to find our babies – they were energetic, friendly and cuddly; the perfect fit for our family!

It was a pretty special experience – so much better than swinging by the pet store – and heartwarming to see so many other people there to find pets of their own.

And here they are! Meet our very own furbabies, Hunter and Sybil.



It didn’t take them long at all to settle into their new home – within hours they were running around like they owned the place! Now after a few days and nights of playing, cuddles and silliness it’s hard to imagine life without them – there’s nothing better than opening the door at the end of the day to have these two little furballs run across the room to you for snuggles. It’s the best.



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  • http://lauralaurablog.com/ Laura | Laura Laura Blog

    GORGEOUS FURBABIES! Oh Kirsten these babies are adorable and you guys look so so happy with them! xx

  • ella

    Hey, Just wanted to say how cool it is that you took two kittens :) I foster for the Waikato spca and always hope that on rehoming the families take two. It’s lovely to see their different personalities develop and playfulness together. Have fun :)

    • Kirsten

      Thank you so much Ella! We simply couldn’t split them up when we saw them all cuddled up together and are so glad we didn’t – it’s great watching them play & grow up together, they really are best friends. So wonderfulthat you’re a foster home for the Waikato SPCA, that’s such an amazing thing to do and must be so rewarding. You’re awesome!