Custom watercolour prints


I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love gift giving – whether it’s a birthday, baby or wedding, I am busy planning the perfect gift weeks (if not longer) in advance. There’s just something about finding that one thing that you absolutely know they’ll love, right?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friends from my university days to her lovely now-husband – and the gift brainstorming began as soon as I spotted the invite in the mail! The trick? They’re heading off sailing the seven seas later this year so space is limited.

And that’s where Lovingly Kate comes in. Not only is Kate an awesome graphic designer, but she also creates custom watercolour portraits based on photos you flick through to her by email – and they are amazing.

In the end I placed two custom portrait orders with her – one of the lovely bridal couple and one of my too-cute-for-words kittens, confirming once and for all that I am officially obsessed. Kate did an incredible job on both of them – check out how beautifully the match the original photos!



Didn’t she capture Hunter’s nonchalant lean and lazy smile and Sybil’s coy look perfectly? (again, I am definitely kitten-obsessed!)

When finished, Kate simply emails you a jpeg of the finished piece so you can print it however and whenever you like – or keep it digital and use as a desktop or mobile background.

As for the gift, on Kate’s advice I popped into a local printer’s and had them print the portrait on slightly textured white card to give the illusion that it was hand painted straight on the card. I can’t stress how beautifully it came out – a truly special personalised gift.

Just think how much your Mum would love one of her own come Mother’s Day! Pop over and check Lovingly Kate out on Etsy. For more details about Kate and her stunning graphic design work, check out Kate Ranfurly Design.

I worked with Kate on the recent rebrand of High Tea with Dragons and have loved every minute I’ve worked with her, both on that and these watercolour portraits. This post isn’t sponsored  – I just love her work and knew you would too!

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  • Kate Ranfurly

    You are so sweet! Thank you for sharing my watercolour prints and your lovely words xxx

    • Kirsten Robinson

      Thank YOU for doing such a beautiful job of them both! xx

  • Steph | Beauty Lust NZ

    I love these! Such a gorgeous gift idea :)

    • Kirsten Robinson

      Aren’t they gorgeous Steph? Kate is so clever!