Christmas Pudding Truffles


One of my favourite things to make at Christmas growing up were Mallowpuff chocolate puddings. You know the type – you drizzle a little white icing on top of a Mallowpuff, pop on a Jaffa and Spearmint leaf and you’re all finished! Super easy, super cute, and super festive.

Despite being significantly older now, the novelty of miniature Christmas treats has far from worn off. So this year I decided to make a slightly more grown up version of these Christmas treats – one that involves (ever so slightly) more preparation than opening a packet of biscuits!

Like last week’s candy cane fudge, this is an adjustment on an old recipe rather than something new altogether – you’ll find the recipe for Oreo truffles here. What makes these treats festive is how you finish them.

After rolling, chilling and dipping each truffle like usual, I melted a little white chocolate (you won’t need more than 200g) and got the ball rolling. All you need to do is scoop a small amount of white chocolate on the tip of a teaspoon and drop it onto the top of your dipped truffle. Wiggle the spoon around a little so the chocolate begins to spread out, then pull it out at the edges so it looks like it’s running down the sides of the truffle.

At this point the truffles already look cute, but don’t scream Christmas – that comes down to the ‘holly sprigs’ you pop on top! For my truffles I ordered some Christmas tree sprinkles and red sugar pearls from the Pretty Baker – simply turn the Christmas tree on its side so the tip of the tree is at the centre of your truffle, then pop a red sugar pearl on either side. Voila! Totally edible holly sprigs.


If you’re making these on a whim and don’t have time to grab the sprinkles, don’t worry – you can still make this work. Instead, buy a packet of fruit jubes or gummy lollies and pick out all the green and red ones – snip the green lollies into slivers and the red ones into small pieces, then finish your dipped and drizzled truffles with them instead.

While they take a bit of time to finish (though that may be due to the perfectionist in me), they are totally worth the effort – whether you love Christmas or not, you have to admit these truffles are pretty adorable! Plus they taste delicious too.


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