Packed with Pineapple Lumps


Ever have those days where you just want to eat something so ridiculously indulgent that it practically spikes your sugar levels just thinking about it? Yeah, me too.

Over the years I’ve made quite a number of indulgent treats (you’ll find lots of them over in the Recipe Index) but there are some that are especially memorable – think russian fudge cupcakes with crushed Russian fudged blended through the icing, salted caramel and chocolate tartlets filled to the brim with homemade caramel, and peanut butter and chocolate dipped cupcakes where the icing is literally encased in a chocolate shell… yum!

I have a feeling that this Pineapple Lump fudge will soon be joining the ranks of these decadent recipes as one of my absolute favourite, indulgent treats – it’s just too good! Not that I’m surprised though – what’s not to love about milk chocolate fudge packed with Pineapple Lumps?

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