Nesting for Easter


Do you know what’s exciting? This time next week we’ll be in the middle of Easter weekend, feasting on chocolate and hot cross buns, enjoying sleeping in and generally basking in having an extra-long weekend. It’s going to be the best!

As you might guess I’m still making the most of the eggs lining the shelves and indulging in a little seasonal baking. Like last Sunday I’ve got some cupcakes to share with you today, but these ones are much less decadent and a lot quicker to make!

Rather than baking Easter eggs into this week’s cupcakes I decided to use them in the decorating and make some sweet little buttercream Easter nest cupcakes. You can use any cupcake you want for this one – I made a batch of vanilla cupcakes, but chocolate ones would be equally delicious (and a little more aligned with the chocolatey-ness of Easter!).

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Cupcakes in miniature


While I have a great little collection of miniature supplies at home (mostly stuffed in the bathroom cupboard), I’d never ventured into making mini treats. Of course I’ve made small sweet creations before – truffles, chocolates and the like – but nothing I could truly claim as bite-sized, baby versions of a well-known treat.

To be honest though, the thought had never really crossed my mind.

Until last weekend when Kevin and I were out car shopping with my parents*. I don’t know about you but I find car shopping pretty tortuous, so after a couple of hours trawling car yards I was starving and beginning to get a little hangry. So we loaded in the car and headed to the nearest fast-food restaurant for a quick refuel.

This just so happened to be Wendy’s. While Mum grabbed a table and the boys ordered, I shuffled to the condiments area to get the essential tomato sauce and straws. As I was pumping tomato sauce into one of their little tubs I realised something – they looked like tiny cupcakes cases. So I cheekily grabbed a handful and stashed them away to make some bite sized, fairy-like cupcakes.

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