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It’s that time of year again; Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day was one of my favourite things when I was at primary school – not only did you get to wear a bright red nose all day (well, as long as you could stand the hard plastic ball squeezing your nose) but there were always fun things going on; assemblies, songs, games… the works!

Ever since I’ve always gotten into Red Nose Day – my car proudly wears a nose, we watch the comedy galas on TV and of course send in a donation or two. So this year I decided to share the Red Nose spirit the best way I know how – with a cake!

This is a really simple one – a moist chocolate cake sandwiched together with raspberry buttercream, roughly iced and finished with dozens and dozens of Jaffas! Despite being so simple to make, I think the effect is pretty neat.

To make the cake look even more festive I topped it with some gorgeous flag cake toppers from Wink – don’t they look gorgeous? There’s something about the stacked flags that adds just the right amount of fun to the cake without overwhelming the design – after all, there’s a lot going on on this cake!


While I don’t have a special recipe to share today, there’s plenty of special going on in this post. Red Nose Day is more than just a good excuse to have fun, wear silly noses and eat red food – it’s all about raising money to help Cure Kids continue funding vital medical research to help improve the lives of Kiwi kids.

Be sure to get involved this year – buy a nose, watch the Comedy for Cure Kids gala on TV3 this Friday and make a donation. Oh, and bake something special – I’d love to see what you come up with!


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  • Gabriele

    Thank you for the lovely cake above and where did you buy your lovely cake stand?

  • Jo Carroll

    Hi there
    How many packets of Jaffas/how many jaffas did it take to cover the cake?

    • Kirsten

      Hi Jo, I used around 4.5 bags on this cake (which is 7″, 2 layers) :)

  • Amanda @

    Love this idea! It’s so interesting :)